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            I solicit your forthright /instant suggestions /edit, if any, on the line of which I shall make alterations in the Concept Note that I am writing at present. 
ICSSR sponsored (proposal to be sent) Inter-Disciplinary National Conference to be organised at Koraput by Government College, Koraput and Council of Analytical Tribal Studies (COATS), Koraput in collaboration with Gabeshana Chakra, Bhubaneswar
Tentative Dates : January 18 & 19, 2020 / February 1 & 2, 2020 ??

Seminar Theme:
Political Economy and Governance Reforms in Tribal Region of Odisha :
Climate Change, Culture and Development Experience

Sub Themes :

  1. Climate Change- impact on Bio-diversity and Resources
  2. Culture and Identity as basis of Development experience – interrogating Modernity
  3. Land Alienation, Land Acquisition, Development induced Displacement and Migration
  4. Environment, Deforestation, Managing the Commons and Forest Rights
  5. Working of PESA – Governance Gaps, Reforms and Policy intervention
  6. Human and Sustainable Development - Indigenous Practices and Alternatives
  7. Women Entrepreneurship, Farm Management, Livelihood Opportunities and Empowerment
  8. Peoples Movement and Protest in Tribal Region; Conflict and Solidarity with other Marginalised Communities
  9. Special Session on Problems of Development in Koraput Region

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